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Our Aim

Cinemaforyouth or ‘CYou’ aims to enhance creative literacy and understanding of visual and performing arts among students.


Brand Connotation

‘Cinema’ is the place where people connect their emotions with art, where they willy-nilly learn about cultures, where they realize their latent desires and aspirations, where conscious and subconscious mind interacts to unleash the personality traits.

‘Youth’ are those who have their own thoughts and personality, are energetic and aware. In a changing environment, even an 8-year-old can be called YOUTH and will remain one till he/she keeps oneself open to learning.

The brand is a step by ‘Co-Scholastic’ to achieve its mission and vision of imparting ‘Life Skills and Creative Literacy’. It is supported by ‘CINEMA by CMT’ which is a global brand for children films and its ecosystem.

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Art of any kind is not only fun but learning as well. Creative art expands child's ability to interact with the world around them and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, but it also cultivates important skills that benefit child's development.

If a person has the dexterity to comprehend the art then one can understand the culture of the place as well. The Gatka – dance form of Punjab - tell us that the people belonging to this particular community have warrior quality. Similarly, Gharba - dance of Gujarat - makes us understand that the community believe in group work and are god following.

The program imparts learning for creative skills and life skills which students can use to earn money as well, at a later stage.


Global Scenario

The culture and creative industry, annually generates 30 million jobs worldwide, employing the highest number of people in the age bracket of 15 to 29 vis-a-vis other sectors. Culture and creative learning also help in bringing equality. In today’s interconnected world, cultural awareness plays a significant role and cinema helps in understanding it.

In brief we are an ecosystem of knowledge for a child, which imparts them skills and the thoughts to leverage the skills for benefit.

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Cine Learnings

Movies are the best Life skills learning tools for the youth. We bring specially curated films for youth, which helps them learn skills like empathy, Self-awareness, Self- Control, Problem Solving, Communication Skills, etc. It also motivates them to take action for social issues like Tree plantation, cleaning, corruption, etc.

Process flow

The age - learning wise, cine session will be organized on-line/offline with a clearly defined objective. The CYou instructor will assess each student and a report will be given to each student.


Cine Workshops

We organize workshops highlighting the elements of Cinema:-

Script writing


Film making

The workshop will be organized on-line/offline with a clearly defined objective and duration, depending on the course module.


International Children Film Festival – KidzCinema

It’s a 3-day event that will be organized on-line/offline depending on the conditions. Students can enroll themselves to experience world movies in different categories like Action, Live, Animation, and children films. Children can also send their entries in the respective category.
The curated movies, selected by the expert panel will be streamed. The best movie as per the jury in their respective category will be recognized. Children play an important in the process.


Global Cine Interactions

It’s an International program where students from diff countries exchange their views through movies and discussions. Various elements of creative learning and arts are discussed. Teams from various countries will showcase their project showing an aspect of their culture. The best team will be awarded.
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CYou modules

To enhance learning CYou modules are integrated in Co-Scholastic club program for school. This module adds to the fun based learning objective through movies, workshops, events etc.

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