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    About Us

    In the term Co-Scholastic, ‘Co’ refers to the areas that complement the entire teaching-learning process and effectively improve student learning outcomes. The programs delivered by the brand ‘Co-Scholastic’ aim to facilitate holistic learning by fostering both cognitive and non-cognitive skills among students.

    Cognitive development is the construction of thought processes, including remembering, problem solving, and decision-making, from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

    Non-cognitive skills refer to a broad category of personal characteristics such as efficiency, trustworthiness, perseverance, self-esteem, and optimism. There is a strong correlation between the cultivation of children’s non-cognitive skills and their future employment rates, levels of higher education, and high self-efficacy.

    Wild Life Programs

    Life Skills Workshop

    Culture Awareness Programs

    Heritage Programs

    Know UNO

    & Many More.

    Need for Co-Scholastic

    In today’s world there is an ongoing debate on the relevance of concepts as below:
    ‘Knowledge attainment’ OR ‘Knowledge presentation’.
    ‘Rote Methods’ OR ‘Experiential learning’.
    ‘Traditional education’ OR ‘Need based education’.
    ‘Moral skills’ OR ‘Life Skills’.
    ‘Board based knowledge’ OR ‘Global knowledge’.
    ‘Individual subjects’ OR ‘Cross-curricular linkages.

    The team of co-scholastic ensures that children move out of books to see the real world. We ensure that a child possesses all the skills needed to face the world confidently and is not limited to books only. Our team does exquisite research on the change happening around and create the program based on the changing environment. Each child is given a plethora of options to choose their desired program so that they can enjoy while learning. We agree that scholastic is important, and our program development team creates the complimenting programs which widen students thought process.

    Our Mission

    To curate programs that create a unique and exciting learning experience for students which make them mentally strong, emotionally balanced, socially adaptive, creatively engaged, culturally aware, linguistically strong, effective communicator, physically strong, sensitive to nature, open minded, resilient, and have a global perspective.

    Our Vision

    With changing times, skills required by an individual are also evolving, co-scholastic as a brand have the vision to create a system that allows auto updation of skills needed by an individual to keep him relevant as a citizen of the global village.


    Programs Learnings (Skills)

    Life Skills

    Life Skills

    These are the skills that help students, understand themselves, and develops positive attitude, self-reliance, psychosocial competencies, and interpersonal interactions. The learnings are categorized into three heads.

    Thinking Skills


    Problem Solving

    Decision Making

    Creative Thinking

    Social Skills

    Interpersonal Relationships

    Effective Communication


    Emotional Skills

    Managing Feelings/Emotions

    Managing Stress

    Literary, Creative & Aesthetic skills

    Co-Scholastic engage students in a plethora of programs like debates, theatre, storytelling etc to impart them the said skills.

    Self-reliance skill with relevant knowledge.

    Attitude and Values towards ecosystem and culture.

    The programs measures students attitude which they exhibit towards their ecosystem that includes, their peers, teachers, teachings, and also towards the environment. It helps students understand a culture by teaching the value system of a particular place.
    Life Skills
    Wave Wave

    Step 1

    Identification of age-wise skill needs

    Step 2

    Defining set of programs for different skills

    Step 3

    Encouraging student to join it.

    Step 4

    Make learning experience fun and meaningful

    Step 5

    Impart skills to student

    Step 6

    Assess the skills and submit the report

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